Panel Repair & Replacement Services in Truckee, CA

When it comes to reliable panel repair & replacement services in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee regions, A Plus Electrical stands out as your go-to choice. With over 30 years of invaluable experience, Bryan, our skilled electrical professional, leads the way in delivering high-quality electrical solutions that you can trust.

Homeowners in Truckee depend on their home’s electrical system for everything from vital HVAC to keeping their food fresh and safe to eat. However, many are unaware that the critical components of this essential system can wear out or degrade, creating significant safety issues. One of the most crucial pieces of any residential electrical system is the electrical panel. This device routes electricity to all the rooms and appliances in your home and provides life-saving safety features that stop the flow of power in the event of a surge or overload to prevent an electrical fire.

The experts at A Plus Electric want to help you keep your family and home protected with safety inspections, electrical panel repair, and electrical panel replacement in Truckee when your home’s electrical panel is past its prime. Please call (775) 300-0198 to learn more about electrical panel safety or if you are concerned about the function of your home’s electrical panel.


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As a locally owned and operated company, the team at A Plus Electric understands your concerns about electrical safety in your home. We share the same challenges and worries regarding the safety of our homes and loved ones. Our goal is to help you recognize the signs of a problem with your home’s electrical panel, preventing tragic events like severe electrical shocks or electrical fires. Some of the most common indicators of damage or degradation in an electrical panel include:

Indicators of a problem with your home’s electrical panel may include:

  • Lights flickering or dimming when a large appliance turns on
  • Persistent flickering of lights
  • Rapid wear-out or warmth of light bulbs or lighting fixtures
  • Crackling or popping sounds emanating from the electrical panel
  • Warmth or burnt smells from the electrical panel enclosure
  • Presence of sparks or scorch marks inside the electrical panel
  • Difficulty resetting breakers or frequent tripping of the same breakers

These issues signal excessive wear to the electrical panel or breakers, compromising the safety of your home and loved ones. Please call (775) 300-0198 at the first sign of trouble.

Why Call The Pros At A Plus Electric For All Panel Repair Installations?

At A Plus Electric, our licensed electricians prioritize providing you with cost-effective solutions for your electrical needs. We strive to address safety issues with affordable electrical panel repairs in Reno whenever possible. However, it’s important to recognize that an outdated electrical panel or fuse box may not offer the highest level of safety for you and your loved ones. In such cases, we recommend a complete electrical panel replacement in Reno to ensure everyone’s safety. Our utmost priority is ensuring your safety, and we pledge to work with you to deliver professional electrical services at the most reasonable prices.

Please call (775) 300-0198 at the first sign of an issue with your electrical panel, and rest assured that the A Plus Electric team will swiftly provide solutions tailored to your needs.