Before the sheetrock is installed in your home, it’s essential to complete the installation of all electrical wiring and connections that will be concealed within the walls. This phase, encompassing the placement of electrical appliances, outlets, and inlets within the walls and ceilings, is known as the electrical rough-in. Once the sheetrock is in place, the electrician will return to install essential components like caps, outlet plates, and switches, which is referred to as the electrical trim-out.

A Plus Electrical can assist with drafting electrical plans for permitting if you’re managing the construction of your own home as an owner-builder. If you’re working with or are a general contractor, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in new construction electrical services.

The specific electrical components included in new construction projects may vary depending on the unique house design. Typically, residential electrical new construction encompasses services for lighting, heating systems, fans, hot water units, outlets, air conditioning, and more.

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