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We offer electrical services in Lake Tahoe for new construction projects, renovations, and upgrades to ensure that your electrical systems meet your specific needs and requirements.


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Full Range of Electrical Services in Lake Tahoe, CA

  • 01. Electrical repairs Our electronic services include installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of electrical systems for residential and commercial buildings.
  • 02. Safety improvement Looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions? Our experts can help you choose the right LED lighting systems that meet your needs and budget.
  • 03. Lighting upgrades From outdoor landscape lighting to indoor ambient lighting, our team of professionals can create a customized lighting plan that enhances your space.

  • 04. Surge protection Our experienced technicians can perform electrical safety inspections to identify potential hazards and ensure that your electrical systems are up to code.
  • 05. Panel upgrades Upgrade your electrical panel to improve energy efficiency, increase capacity, and protect your home or business from power surges and electrical fires.
  • 06. Cable installation Whether you need lighting repairs, electrical upgrades, or a new installation, we're here to provide quality services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs Related to Electrical Services & Issues

  • Electrical issues can manifest as flickering lights, frequently tripped circuit breakers, outlets or switches that feel warm to the touch, and a burning odor. If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to address them promptly to prevent hazards.
  • To enhance energy efficiency, you can consider upgrading to LED lighting, installing programmable thermostats, sealing gaps around doors and windows, and ensuring your home’s insulation is adequate. Additionally, having an electrician conduct an energy audit can provide tailored recommendations.
  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many devices or using damaged cords and plugs. Ensure appliances are in good working condition, and unplug them when not in use. Install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in areas where water is present, like kitchens and bathrooms, to prevent electrical shocks.
  • You should contact an electrician whenever you encounter electrical problems, no matter how minor they seem. Additionally, if you plan to undertake home renovations, install new electrical appliances, or upgrade your electrical panel, it’s advisable to consult a professional to ensure safety and compliance with local codes.

What we do

Electrician Services We Offer

New Construction Electrician At A Plus Electrical, we specialize in turning your new construction vision into a reality. Our team of expert electricians and engineers collaborates seamlessly with architects, builders, and project managers to ensure that every electrical aspect of your new construction project aligns with your goals, budget, and timeline.Read More
Electrical Commercial Services In today's fast-paced business world, reliable and efficient electrical systems are the lifeblood of every commercial enterprise. At A Plus Electrical Services, we understand the unique demands and complexities of commercial electrical needs. Our dedicated team of licensed electricians specializes in delivering top-tier electrical solutions tailored to your business, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.Read More

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Panel Upgrades Tahoe, City, CA15 days
Lighting Sacramento, CA2 months
Lighting Installation South Tahoe, CA1 month
Wiring Repair Truckee, CA2 months
Service California2 months
Technology California2 months

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What Our Clients Say

Bryan's work ethic was exceptional. He worked diligently and efficiently, ensuring that the electrical work was completed to the highest standard. It was evident that he took great pride in his craft, leaving no detail overlooked. The end result was not only safe and functional but also aesthetically pleasing..

Stefanie S
Truckee, CA

In the end, Bryan from A Plus Electrical not only resolved my electrical issues but also provided exceptional service from start to finish. I can confidently say that he is a trustworthy and skilled electrician who goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Bryan for any electrical needs, and I will undoubtedly turn to him for.

Patrick M
Tahoe City, CA

I was also impressed by Bryan's commitment to safety. He adhered to all safety protocols, and I felt confident that the work was being done in a secure manner. This attention to safety was particularly reassuring..

Amie T
Truckee, CA


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